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I have been working on this for awhile. Trying to get the perfect size, I'm very happy with this one. I love pockets and an organized bag. I don't like huge but I like fitting what I need without having to pull everything out when I'm looking for something
It measures in at 12" wide and 10" high.
It has 2 elastic front pockets for easy access. The gathering of fabric makes it so things fit better. The 2 back pockets are zippered so you you still get easy access but nothing is falling out.
The top is zippered keeping items secure. The interior has 4 more pockets. I used grommets for the adjustable strap nice for hands free over body. It has a 2.5" box bottom which makes things fit better in the main compartment and easier to find.

Fun summer colors - ALIVE.
This one is mine but I will making some for my Etsy store.
Next is working on a tote. Looking for USA made textiles.


My Favorite Links

A smorgasbord of crafts.

Sewing - purses, totes, pillow covers

and more.

The latest addition to my sewing crafts is a changeable cover wreath, fun and new.

Photo art from beautiful landscapes to fun and whimsical quotes.

Home decor is created new by my husband using reclaimed wood and never 2 pieces the same.

We also search high and low to find vintage items. 

Re-purposing our finds so they can find new homes.

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Introducing  Alyssa Voigt  my granddaughter.

This young lady is passionate about animals. She has been involved with several rescue organization. She has herself fostered many dogs and cats and has found furever homes for them.

She is also dedicated to wellness for animals and is an advocate for natural  and Made in the USA products for pets.

At 18 she has become an Advocate for Yuppy Puppy City Kitty.

I am sharing her link with you today please check it out and share.

Supporting Small Business and Made in America.

Natural Galaxy Crafts

Natural Galaxy

I have a passion for natural organic products.

There are so many products that claim to be natural and organic that you really have to look closely at everything. On my favorite links page you will find items that I have actually used myself. I have to really dissect them due to a severe reaction to chemicals.

I hope you can use this page to find things that you will like and be able to use.

This page may be a bit "bloggy" in structure as I will also post tidbits here.

Made in America and small business is also something I look for in products.

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